We clean, we maintain, we disinfect


Our company provides facility management services to companies and individuals. Our core values are competence, efficiency and proximity. As a Swiss company, we put a strong emphasis on the quality of our work, on the products we use and on how we treat our employees and customers.

Workspace and office maintenance
Facility Management (Concierge)

Maintenance of Offices and Workspaces

Facilityy offers a general maintenance service for offices, commercial premises, and other. Our agents are trained to respect a work methodology, with specific equipment, and this to guarantee you peace and office hygiene. We adapt the maintenance profile according to your needs and constraints, and offer you simple, competitive solutions that meet pre-established criteria.

Facility Management / Concierge

The concierge is a versatile professional specially trained to work in a wide variety of fields. It performs maintenance and repair work inside and outside of buildings such as rental buildings, schools, EMS, hospitals, etc. Facilityy intends to fulfill this concept of the concierge and will take care of the entire building..



We offer daily cleaning accompanied by disinfection of contact points and shared spaces between each event and more if necessary. Our protocol is based on the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health in its pandemic plan and aims to limit the spread of any type of virus as much as possible.